1. Backyard Safety

    Find out how to keep your backyard safe.

  2. Certified Plumbers

    View a list of certified plumbers in the area.

  3. Community Directory

    Access a directory of businesses in the area.

  4. CUB Energy Saver Program

    Check out the Citizens Utility Board (CUB) Energy Saver Program.

  5. Elections

    Learn about elections in Buffalo Grove.

  6. Emergency Management Agency

    Check out the Emergency Management Agency.

  7. Garage Sale Information

    View information on area garage sales.

  8. Getting Around

    Utilize the public transportation and highways in the Buffalo Grove area.

  9. Home Occupations

    Find the standards for working from home.

  10. Housing Resources

    Access housing resources provided by the village.

  11. Job Search Resources

    Look through a list of resources intended to help with a job search.

  12. Maps

    View several maps of Buffalo Grove.

  13. Real Estate Signs

    Find real estate signs of the village.

  14. Real Estate Transfer Tax

    Find out about the area's real estate transfer tax.

  15. Staff Directory

    Browse Buffalo Grove's staff directory.

  16. Shovel & Lawn Care Referral Program

    Read about the Shovel and Lawn Care Referral Program.

  17. Construction Projects

  18. Sustainable Buffalo Grove

    Gain information on how Buffalo Grove is striving to become a green and sustainable community.

  19. Trash Toter Cart Program

    Check out the village's Trash Toter Cart Program.

  20. Utility Complaints

    Discover how to file a complaint regarding utilities.

  21. Weiland Prairie Road Study

    Read about the Weiland Prairie Road Study