Licenses & Permits

Alarm User Permit

Use this form to apply for a burglar and/or fire alarm permit. If residents and businesses experience excessive false alarms, the Police Department Crime Prevention Unit will send a letter offering assistance in an attempt to reduce the number of false alarm incidents.

Animal Tags

The Village will no longer require the purchase of an animal license, effective May 1, 2018. Illinois law requires all pets to be vaccinated under the Animal Control Act (510 ILCS 5) and have the vaccination tag on their pet(s) at all times. The vaccination tag is provided by the vaccinating veterinarian. The vaccinating veterinarian is required to file the animals’ information with the county (Cook or Lake). Other tags that identify the pet owner’s information is helpful to public safety when trying to reunite lost pets to their owners. Microchipping your pet is another way to help recovered pets get home safely. Dog park and pass sales are administered by the Buffalo Grove Park District and can be obtained at the Alcott Center.

Building Permit Application

Apply for a building permit.

Child Day Care Home Form

To operate a child day care from your home, you must submit the child day care home form with a $100 fee. Further requirements and instructions are on the form.

Fence Code Variation Application

Use this form if you should decide to add or change a fence on your property.

Filming in Buffalo Grove

Use the Special Event Permit Application if you are planning to film in Buffalo Grove.

Police Forms

View more forms offered by the Police Department.

Sign Code Variation Application

Use this form if you should decide to add or change a sign on your property.

Special Event Permit Application

Use this application if you plan on having a special event. Applications must be submitted two weeks before the event is going to occur.

Vacation House Watch

Use this to apply for your house to be checked by the police (as their time permits) while you are on vacation.

Zoning Ordinance Variation Application

Use this form if you would like to request a variation on a zoning ordinance.