Licensing & Permits

Alarm Permit
Use this form to apply for a burglar and/or fire alarm permit. If residents and businesses experience excessive false alarms, the Police Department Crime Prevention Unit will send a letter offering assistance in an attempt to reduce the number of false alarm incidents.

Building Permit Application
Apply for a Building Permit.

Business License Application

Apply for a Business License.

Business Official Listing Form
This form is required by the Village of Buffalo Grove to assist us in contacting the appropriate person should a police, fire, or medical emergency occur on your premises.

Child Day Care Home Form
To operate a child day care from your home, you must submit the child day care home form with a $100 fee. Further requirements and instructions are on the form.

Solicitation Permit

Apply for a Solicitation Permit.

Special Event Permit Application
Use this application if you plan on having a special event. Applications must be submitted two weeks before the event is going to occur.

Tenant & Use Form
The tenant and use form is required with all new non-residential building permits and business license requests.