Citizens Fire Academy

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Informing Citizens
The Citizens Fire Academy is an educational program designed to open the lines of communications between the Buffalo Grove Fire Department and the community. The Buffalo Grove Fire Department believes that prevention is the best form of protection we can offer our citizens and that education is the key to prevention. An informed citizenry helps keep our community safe.

Public Awareness
A majority of our citizens view the Firefighter as a person who sits around the fire house and waits for the alarm to sound. This infers that the fire service is a passive or dormant operation that will automatically spring into action when called. Hollywood has established the image of firefighters as hero’s who save lives and fight fires, but there is little or no mention at all of the hours of education and training required to perform these skills.

Public awareness of the fire service as well as the need for a Community Emergency Response team is being strengthened by the outreach of the Buffalo Grove Citizens Fire Academy. We as fire fighters are proud of our job, department and accomplishments, but the only people that truly understand that pride are other fire fighters and some spouses. Educating our citizens is expanding the understanding of the fire service. To date there have been over 150 citizens graduate from the Academy.

Hands On Training
This has been accomplished by Buffalo Grove fire fighters delivering hands on training in 11 different topic areas, such as the History of the Fire Service, Emergency Medical services, CPR, Incident command, Fire Prevention, Auto Extrication, Fire Streams , Ladders & Small Tool and Communications ending with a live burn exercise. At some point in time all of the members of the fire department become involved with the class. The Buffalo Grove Fire Department has chosen not to sit back and be viewed as a passive organization, we are presenting an aggressive approach to seek the support of the community we serve. The Citizens Fire Academy has opened a number of doors to numerous resources within our own community.

The Academy
The Academy meets one evening a week for three hours. During that time the participants receive structured training, each class is taught by personnel who have specialized in that particular subject area.

The participants evaluate the twelve week course on a weekly basis. Comments from the class indicate if in fact the objectives are met. These written evaluations are candid and reflect both positive and negative aspects of the course content as well as the instructor’s performance. The evaluations are used to tailor the classes for future Academies.

The fire department is currently not holding a class. An application form may be printed out and returned to the Fire Department. We will call you when the class is scheduled to see if you are still interested.

"In Our Boots"

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