Reasons for the Increase in Sightings
Area residents have been reporting an increase in number of coyote sightings in Buffalo Grove. An increase in sightings can be due in part to weather-related conditions as well as area development, which cause the coyotes to seek alternative sources of food and water.

Naturalists believe that during drought conditions, the coyotes are forced to search out alternative food sources. Increased rains may reduce this need. Food placed in your yard for other wildlife, such as birds and squirrels, also attracts coyotes. The coyotes are seeking the small animals as a food source. You may wish to discontinue feeding wildlife to avoid attracting the coyotes.

Please secure any refuse containers that are outside and avoid placing food outside for pets. Coyotes are intelligent animals and are very difficult to trap. Therefore, it is hard for us to just trap and relocate them. Trapping requires a state license and is highly regulated. Also, the traps are dangerous, especially for children and pets.

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