Crime Prevention / Community Involvement

The Buffalo Grove Police Department Community Relations Unit offers a variety of programs throughout the year. Many programs, such as our Citizen Police Academies, are scheduled seasonally. Many other programs are scheduled by request. The following is a sample of some of the programs available through the Community Relations Unit.

Contact Us

For more information on Crime Prevention Programs, Community Engagement Events or to schedule an event for your organization, please contact the Community Relations Unit at 847-459-2560.
Crime Prevention Officer: Amy Cholewa;
Community Relations Officers: Meghan Hansen;  Matthew Mills;  

Citizen Police Academy

The Citizen Police Academy is an informational program open to persons 21 years of age or older that live or work in Buffalo Grove. The program provides citizens the opportunity to experience how their police department works. Classes are held once a week at the police department for three hours in the evening during the spring. Fill out the Citizen Police Academy Registration Form to enroll.

Junior Police Academy

The Junior Police Academy is held during June and is open to children ages 12 to 15 that live or attend school within Buffalo Grove. This program is held at the police department for five consecutive sessions during morning hours over a one-week period. Young people that have an interest in law enforcement will have an opportunity to experience the different tasks associated with police work. Fill out the Junior Police Academy Registration Form to enroll.

Police Department Tours

Police Department tours can be scheduled for community groups wanting to learn more about the Police Department and see where the men and women that serve and protect your community work. To schedule a tour for your group, please contact the Community Relations Unit at 847-459-2560.

Security Surveys

Business and Home Security Surveys are available through the Community Relations Unit. Upon request, a Crime Prevention Specialist will come out to your home or business and conduct a walk through with the business or home owner noting any security or personal safety issues.

Premise Alert Notification Program

The Illinois Premise Alert Program (Public Act 96-0788) provides for Public Safety Agencies in the State of Illinois to allow people with special needs to provide information to police, fire, and EMS personnel to be kept in a database. The information can then be provided to Police / Fire / EMS units responding to the specified locations in dealing with situations involving the Special Needs individuals. 

The information provided by you will be kept confidential and used only to provide Police, Fire, and EMS personnel responding to specified locations with the information needed to deal with situations or emergencies involving a special needs person.

Speakers Bureau

The Community Relations Unit provides speakers for schools, clubs, businesses, and organizations seeking information on any crime prevention related topic. We will customize a program that meets your needs. Some of our most requested topics include: Officer Friendly Presentation, Stranger Danger, Personal Safety, Identity Theft, Fraud Prevention and Internet Safety. If you would like to schedule a speaker, or have a question about a particular topic, please contact the Community Relations Unit at 847-459-2560.