Animal Control

Services Provided
The Buffalo Grove Police Department offers a variety of services in regards to animal control. These calls range from barking dogs to checking on a pet's well-being. We also respond to stray dog and cat complaints, and use a variety of resources in providing the safe return of these lost pets. 

The Buffalo Grove Police Department does not have a permit to handle any type of wildlife. However, we do have information on the wildlife in our area, and what to do if you encounter a coyote. For more information, please visit wildlife.

Lost & Found Animals
A database is maintained that tracks all lost and found animals. If an animal is located and collected, the owner is immediately contacted. 

If we are unable to locate owner information, the cat / dog is held at Kings Kennel or Lake County Animal Control in hopes that the owner contacts us. If the dog or cat is not claimed then it is transported to Orphans of the Storm for adoption. 

We ask that all residents contact us if their pet goes missing.

Animal License
It is a village ordinance that every pet has a village animal license attached to their collar at all times. The license can be purchased from the Village Hall for $10 with proof of valid rabies vaccination.

Biting Animals
The Police Department is also mandated to document, and work in conjunction with the respective counties to investigate any type of dog or cat bite, whether it is to a person or another domestic animal. 

The end result of these investigations can often include strict guidelines placed on the biting animal.

Pitbull Terriers & Rottweilers
Village ordinances mandates special requirements for all full and mix Pitbull Terriers and Rottweilers. Please visit Pitbull Terriers and Rottweiler Ordinance for further information. 

More information
If you have any other questions regarding wildlife in our area that is not answered on this website, please contact CSO Horbus at 847-459-2560.