Current Developments

Below is an overview of several approved initiatives in Buffalo Grove. For further information about any of the following developments, or a complete overview of economic development initiatives underway, please contact Village Planner Robert Pfeil at 847-459-2525.

Approved Projects
Pulte_thumbPulte Homes
Pulte Homes Easthaven Subdivision - 1992 Jordan Terrace
The Village annexed the 20-acre Hoffmann farm in February 2014 with zoning in the R-3A District. Pulte Homes has received approval by the Village to construct 38 single-family homes of approximately 3,500 to 4,000 square feet. Development of the subdivision is expected to begin in early summer 2014. The approved plan provides an area of 1.3 acres for two “farmstead” lots, including an existing farmhouse. 
The Easthaven plan extends the existing streets in the Prairie Grove subdivision adjoining to the north. Olive Hill Drive, an existing one-way street, will be widened for two-way traffic and full access to Prairie Road. Streets terminating at the west side of the Easthaven subdivision would ultimately be extended if the Didier Farm is developed.
The existing Prairie Grove Park will be expanded with a land donation of 0.83 acres in the Easthaven subdivision.

Berenesa Plaza

Berenesa Plaza - North and South Lot
Berenesa Plaza - Milwaukee Avenue & Deerfield Pkwy
View the details of 2007 plan
Northwest corner, Milwaukee Avenue & Deerfield Parkway (17.95 acres)
6 restaurant parcels for a total of 43,000 square feet
3 retail parcels for a total of 33,500 square feet
1 two-story medical office building
1 hotel, 166 rooms
Total: 76,500 square feet of commercial/retail
Southwest corner of Milwaukee Avenue & Deerfield Parkway (6.22 acres)
Demographics  1-Mile Radius  3-Mile Radius  5-Mile Radius 
2011 Population
5,024  75,563  202,273 
2011 Median Age  36.5  41.6  41.2 
2011 Average Household Income  $99,663  108,860  112,823 
Source: Lake County Partners: 2011 ESRI Data

Land and Lakes
Land and Lakes
Land & Lakes - Milwaukee Avenue, north of Busch Parkway
In June 2008, the Village's Corporate Authorities approved the annexation of the Land & Lakes property. The property includes three parcels: East parcel is 7.34 acres and was zoned Industrial with a special use for a landscape transfer facility. The west frontage is 17.4 acres and the west rear is 41 acres. These parcels were zoned B-3 for commercial development. The conceptual plan depicts a full service hotel, and approximately 446,000 square feet of retail. The village and developer, Land & Lakes, will provide for a high-quality commercial development, including a unified architectural design for the buildings, an attractive sign package, and amenity features such as central open space, extensive landscaping, and a network of interior sidewalks and paths linking various portions of the Land & Lakes property and immediate adjacent properties to the north and south. View the Land and Lakes Concept Plan.