Training Opportunities

Industrial Training Program (ITP)
This program assists Illinois companies in training new workers and retraining / upgrading the skills of their existing work forces. DCCEO can reimburse up to a maximum of 50% of the total training costs of all approved training programs, and the applicant must contribute at least 50% toward these costs. 

Any job classification may be included in the training program; however, only full-time employees may participate. ITP grants may be awarded to individual companies, as well as to intermediary organizations offering training to meet the common needs of multiple companies.

Illinois Employment and Training Center (IETC) Network
The IETC Network is an innovative, customer-driven system designed to provide employment and training services to both job seekers and employers, in cooperation with local educational institutions. The IETC Network is a one-stop source where the public can easily access a broad array of employment, training, educational, and related services.

Services typically include personal assessment and job referral assistance, education and training program enrollment, job-specific training, computer training, multi-media resource centers, and unemployment insurance. 

The IETC Network is supported by DCCS, IDES, and services of the JTPA Program.