Storm Related Street Flooding

Draining Surface Water
When village streets experience flooding during heavy rains and thunderstorms or during snow melting, the Storm Sewer Section has been able to drain the surface water simply by clearing the storm drains of any obstructions at the intersections and in roadways.

Reporting Flooding Conditions
All flooding conditions should be reported to the village as soon as possible by calling Public Works at 847-459-2545. After hours, call the Police non-emergency number at 847-459-2560. Keep in mind that although Public Works personnel will respond to these conditions, it could take up to one hour before a crew member responds to the specific flooding by your house.

Keeping Surface Water from Your House
The best course of action to take to keep surface water from your house is to clear the storm grates in the curbs and roads by your house. Never open a manhole or remove a manhole lid! This creates an immediate dangerous situation to anyone near the manhole. Using a rake or shovel, try and remove any debris that is covering the curb inlet or surface grate. Once cleared, the surface water will rapidly begin to drain from the street. This process may take several times before all surface water is drained.