Budget 2019

The Village Board adopted the 2019 Annual Budget on December 3, 2018. The Budget supports all village programs and services beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31, 2019. The Village of Buffalo Grove embraces a fiscally-conservative and forward-looking approach to budgeting for the operations of municipal government. This approach is coupled with the service-delivery expectations of the Village’s core customers - residents and businesses - and its extended customers - visitors, regional entities and other units of government. Each year, the Village determines its level of service, strategic goals and expectations, and staffing levels based upon anticipated revenues and progress toward long-term operational and capital development goals. The Village provides the following core services: administration, finance, public works, police protection, fire prevention and suppression, civil engineering, building inspections, urban planning-zoning, golf operations, and community event support. Additional non-core services are provided by others through regional partnerships or commissions, including the supply of potable water and dispatch services, and contract services including sanitary sewer treatment and refuse collection. Various direct and indirect fees are collected for non-core services via the 911-surcharge, ad valorem tax levy and user fees.

The 2019 budget is a critical road map for Village operations. This document reflects a continued commitment to maintaining sufficient reserves to cover the Village's operating needs while meeting long-term financial goals and planning for the growth and development of the Village.

The 2019 Budget was compiled by Village staff and was presented at the November 13, 2018 Village Board meeting.  

2018 Budget Presentation
At the November 13, 2017 Village Board meeting, Village Staff will present the 2018 proposed budget. You can view the 2018 presentation here

Previous Fiscal Years

Budget documents from past years are presented below for reference purposes: