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History of the Commission
In 1991, Trustee Brian Rubin proposed that the Village Board create a Blue Ribbon Committee to assess the need for a permanent commission to serve Buffalo Grove’s residents with disabilities. The Village Board supported Trustee Rubin’s idea and authorized formation of a Blue Ribbon Committee to: identify Buffalo Grove’s residents with disabilities, define their needs, identify services available to them, analyze service gaps, and recommend whether a permanent Commission for Residents with Disabilities should be established.

Given this charge, the Blue Ribbon Committee researched the issues and presented a report to the Village Board in March 1992. This report strongly supported the establishment of such a commission. On April 6, 1992, the ordinance establishing the Commission for Residents with Disabilities was added to the Municipal Code.

The Buffalo Grove Commission for Residents with Disabilities held its first meeting in June 1992. In fulfillment of its mission, the commission assesses the needs and concerns of village residents with disabilities. It collaborates with Village Government and other governmental entities to enhance the quality of life for individuals with disabilities.

Past Accomplishments
In the past twenty years, the commission has been involved in the following:
  • Brought disability awareness to Buffalo Grove
  • Implemented the 911 survey questionnaire to provide information for public safety databases
  • Started a respite program, which has blossomed into a full grown service now offered through Clearbrook
  • Worked to increase the Handicap parking fine
  • Started a parking posse
  • Conducted resource fairs
  • Arranged inter-village meetings with legislators
  • Held informational town meetings to address residents’ concerns
  • Made recommendations on curb cuts and remodeling of Village Hall
  • Helped pass an ordinance for re-striping business parking lots
  • Helped pass an ordinance on Community Integrated Living Arrangements
  • Won a $2,000 award from the National Organization on Disabilities
  • Works with the Buffalo Grove Days Committee to improve Fun and Food Day
  • Implemented the Buffalo Grove Days and Art Fair courtesy shuttle services
  • Helps the park district with the stampede race, including wheelchair racers
  • Coordinates with other commissions on disability issues
  • Created a brochure to improve communication skills
  • Keeps current on American with Disability Laws
  • Represents the concerns of disabled persons to nearby businesses and agencies
  • Sponsored RIC Express wheelchair basketball at Buffalo Grove Days
  • Sponsered "Unique Expressions" artwork by artists with special needs that is part of the Buffalo Grove Invitational Art Festival in July
  • Sponsored Buddy Baseball exhibition games during Buffalo Grove Days
  • Worked with the Park District on accessibility issues
  • Created a business brochure
  • Sponsored various speakers including:
    • Secretary of State Disability Liaison
    • State Representative
    • Disability Advocate from Lisa Madigan’s office
Throughout the past 20 years, the members of the Commission for Residents with Disabilities have been dedicated individuals who have worked extremely hard to make Buffalo Grove an excellent place to live. With the help of the village president, village trustees, staff, and volunteers, this commission has been able to accomplish many goals. As everyone works together, we are confident that the next 20 years will be equally productive.

If you have an interest in finding out more about the Commission for Residents with Disabilities please contact Village Hall at 847-459-2518.