The Village of Buffalo Grove: Going Green

Clean Air Counts
The Village of Buffalo Grove recognizes that environmental stewardship is part of its mission to serve the citizens of the community. Buffalo Grove has been actively moving forward with innovative energy solutions in order to make the village a cleaner, healthier, and safer place to live. In order to achieve this, the village of Buffalo Grove has joined the Clean Air Counts campaign. Clean Air Counts is a northeastern Illinois regional initiative designed to reduce ozone-causing emissions and thereby improve air quality and enable economic development. This campaign entails a multi-year initiative that seeks to achieve specific and significant reductions in air pollutants and major reductions in energy consumption. The goal of the village is to educate the residents and businesses of Buffalo Grove on the ways to use fewer pollutants, to create and purchase environmentally friendly products, and to reduce energy consumption.

Becoming a Clean Air Community is an excellent way for local governments to demonstrate their commitment to clean air. Clean Air Counts is a voluntary, public-private initiative to reduce smog-forming pollutants and energy consumption in the greater Chicago, six-county region. It is a collaborative effort between the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus, the Illinois Environmental Agency, US Environmental Protection Agency - Region 5 and the Delta Institute.

How the Village is Going Green
From office lighting to computers and more, the village constantly investigates, experiments, and uses green practices to sustain our environment.
  • The village has been able to cut back on use of electricity through the consolidation of multiple hardware servers. This has resulted in using 120 less kilowatt-hours per day.
  • We are aggressively pursuing energy star ratings for all new equipment. Cathode ray tube (CRT) monitors are being replaced with the more efficient LCD monitors as equipment fails.
  • We have implemented an energy power saving policy. If any of the village’s 550 computer devices are left on for an extended period of time, they system will put them into hibernation until needed. This will further reduce our electrical consumption.
  • The village prefers the usage of low or zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in any cleaning or painting product used on village property.
  • Village buildings are fully equipped with compact fluorescent lighting. Light bulbs of this type require less frequent replacement and require less energy to run.
  • The village is experimenting with LED and induction lighting for exterior fixtures on village property.