Who We Are / What We Do

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The commission has several subcommittees that have specific areas of responsibility:
  • Community Service and Accessibility Subcommittee
  • Legislative Subcommittee
  • BG Days Subcommittee
  • Art Festival Subcommittee
  • Disability Awareness Campaign Subcommittee
  • BG Days Parade Float
The commission has participated in the Village’s Community Health & Wellness Fair in April andthe Senior Expo held at the Arboretum Club. Educational materials and commission brochures are distributed to attendees.

The commission supplies helpful links on its portion of the village website.

Commissioners attend the Parent Advisory Council of Stevenson High School.

Commissioners attend meetings of Wheeling Township Advisory Committee on Disabilities.

The commission recruited artists with special needs for the Buffalo Grove Invitational Fine Art Festival Unique Expressions program. The commission also provided shuttle service during the two – day event.

The commission launched its disability awareness campaign in the community. A series of full color posters depicting common issues affecting those with disabilities or mobility issues were designed, produced, and distributed by commissioners throughout the village. They addressed handicapped parking spaces, blocking curb cuts, and maintaining accessibility. Information was also disseminated via BGTV, the website, and the village newsletter.

The commission again invested many hours of work into the Buddy Baseball Game held on Saturday of Buffalo Grove Days and Monday’s “Fun & Food” Festivities. Over 40 disabled players were matched up with “Buddies” from the community for the game Saturday. A total of 465 people attended Monday’s activities. The attendees were treated to several hours of rides, lunch and a goody bag. The commission also provided shuttle service during the entire event.

The commission entered a float into the parade showcasing the activities that the commission.

The commission asked for assistance from the Building and Zoning Department and the Office of the Village Manager regarding non-standard handicapped parking in Plaza Verde and other parking areas in town.

The commission recommended the Village Board pass a resolution for Disability Awareness Month in September as part of the commission’s overall Disability Awareness campaign.

The commission continued coordination with shopping center owners and managers to place signage reminding drivers in parking lots to yield to pedestrians. The grove (Jewel) placed signage in their lot.

The commission requested the village’s consideration to modify the lower entrance doors to automatic. This capital improvement is included in the village’s 2012 Capital Improvement Program.

The chairman and vice chairman attended a presentation by the director of the Illinois Accessibility Board regarding upcoming changes to the American Disabilities Act .

The commission met with Building and Zoning to discuss several problems regarding the need for more curb cuts and the matter of new ADA changes that could impact the number of handicapped parking spaces.

In August, State Representative Carol Sente attended the commission meeting. Representative Sente discussed her special needs advisory committee and invited the commission to attend the one scheduled for September 26. The commission provided Representative Sente an overview of the commission’s mission and activities and asked if there might be support from the legislature to include crosswalks on private property in the State Statutes.

In October, the Director of Great Lakes ADA gave a presentation describing the changes to ADA including changes to companion animals and service animals.

Commissioners also received calls regarding snowplowing which were referred to Public Works. Deputy Village Manager Neukirch sent a letter to property managers throughout the village regarding keeping snow out of handicapped parking spaces per village ordinance

The commission again advised the Buffalo Grove Park District regarding accessibility issues at some parks. The Park District was receptive and made several changes throughout the year.

The commission asked for the Village Board's support in forwarding a letter to Doug Gamble of the Illinois Capital Development Board regarding several issues that could impact individuals with disabilities. Included were issues such as toilet height, number of handicapped parking spaces, and parking lot re-striping. The letter was sent out under the signatures of the chair and vice chair.