Truck Enforcement

The Buffalo Grove Police Department's Truck Enforcement Unit exists to provide safe passage through Buffalo Grove, for all motor vehicle traffic as they share the roads with larger and heavier commercial traffic. The Truck Enforcement Unit is a proud member of the Illinois Truck Enforcement Association.

The primary duties of the Truck Enforcement Unit are:
  • Enforcement of weight and size violations
  • Issuing permits for overweight and oversize vehicles using Village maintained highways
  • Education of local trucking companies in regard to local and State laws
  • Assisting the Illinois State Police with random portable scale roadblocks
  • Coordination between developers, trucking companies, and the Village with respect to truck routing in and out of commercial jobsites
  • Handling complaints from residents about truck specific problems
  • Checking for safety and drivers license classification violations


The Village of Buffalo Grove uses an online service, Oxcart Permits. You will need to set up a free user account at in order to apply and pay for the permit. Please see their website for more information. 

Additional Information