Green Business

The Village of Buffalo Grove places a high value on sustainable business practices. There are many resources available for businesses. This web page provides an overview of some sustainability resources. 

Please, also check out Sustainable Buffalo Grove, our informational web page for residents and the Village of Buffalo Grove Environmental Plan.

Ways Your Business Can Go Green

It saves money, reduces the amount of fossil fuels being burned, increases longevity of your lights 
Consider carpooling/ridesharing; Telecommuting (working from home); biking and walking.
Check out the Active Transport Alliance for Information about the annual bike to work week challenge
Using low VOC building and cleaning materials such as less polluting paints, adhesives, solvents, cleaning agents, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies can help reduce eye/respiratory irritation, headaches, fatigue and other symptoms associated with traditional building and cleaning materials.
Energy Star Equipment can produce electricity savings up to 75%
WaterSense, an equivalent of Energy Star for water, guarantees that certified equipment will be at least 20% more efficient than an average product. Calculate your water savings and find rebates near you. 
Establish a baseline of your production consumption and learn ways to reduce waste.

Resources for Businesses and Tips

Programs and Incentives

  • Financial incentives from ComEd - Financial incentives from ComEd can cover as much as 20-30% of the cost to install energy efficient measures such as HVAC, lighting, refrigeration, motors or custom programs. Follow this link for additional information.
  • Nicor Business Customer Rebate - Replace your boiler, water heater, or furnace and receive a rebate from Nicor. Since June 1, 2011, additional incentives will be added.
  • Illinois Energy Conservation Code for Commercial Buildings - The law requires all new commercial and residential construction for which a building permit application is received by a municipality or county to follow a comprehensive statewide energy conservation code.
  • Energy Efficiency Loan Program - The Delta Institute and Green Choice Bank are offering financing for energy efficiency retro-fits and related soft costs as recommended by investment grade audits performed through the Cook County Energy Efficiency Program (or by equivalent audits). Delta may also finance renewable energy projects when efficiency standards are met.
  • Clean Air Counts - The Metro Mayor’s Caucus provides ideas and strategies for businesses and municipalities. Members are recognized for implementing programs to improve air quality.
  • Smart Energy Design Assistance Center (SEDAC) - This organization offers free technical assistance to businesses and public entities who want to improve the efficiency of their building. SEDAC gives training workshops and will provide recommendations or perform an on-site assessment.
  • ENERGY STAR "Bring Green to Work" - Learn how to create a more green work environment and get employees involved.

Additional information

We want your input! Please contact Village Hall at 847-459-2518 for your comments, feedback, or if you know a program that you want to share with your neighbors.