Emerald Ash Borer

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Timeline of EAB
  • 2002 Emerald Ash Borer Discovered in Michigan
  • 2003 Last Year Ash Trees Planted in Buffalo Grove
  • 2006 EAB Found in Illinois
  • 2009 EAB identified in Buffalo Grove
  • 2010 Created Buffalo Grove EAB Management Plan
  • 2011 Began Removing Ash Trees in Mass
  • 2012 Revised Buffalo Grove EAB Management Plan
  • 2013 Began a Three-Year Contractual Ash Tree Removal Plan---1,611 Ash Removed
  • 2014 Year 2 of Ash Tree Removal Plan---2,223 Ash Removed
  • 2015 Final Year of a Three-Year Contractual Ash Tree Removal Plan---2,400 Projected Removals
Project Information

The Process

  • Ash trees will be marked prior to removal
  • Ash trees will be removed
  • Stumps will be ground and parkways restored with sod
  • Trees will be replaced
Quick Stats
  • 3,834 Ash trees removed since April 29,2013 ( start of contract removals)
  • 1,880 Trees planted since Removals began.(25 species planted)

Please look at the links below for more specific information
  1. Next area for Ash Removals
  2. Grinding and Restoration Areas
  3. Tree Replacement Area
  4. Frequently Asked Questions
There is just over 1,000 Ash trees to be removed in the first months of 2015.