Downtown Development Project Public Information Guidelines, Topics and Timeline

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The e-news will be the primary way that the Village will communicate with interested parties about the project. 
  • Online Posting of Information
    • Critical documents are considered to be final documents material to the decision making process on the downtown project.  Whenever these documents are received they will be posted on the section of the website titled “Downtown Buffalo Grove” within 24 hours. 
    • When these documents are posted on the website, the following will occur:
      • News story on the front page
      • Press release regarding document on the website
      • A link in that week’s e-News
  • Public Meeting Schedule Notifications
    • All public meetings regarding the project will be publicized through the Village’s normal posting procedures. Additional notification will include:
      • Press release regarding the meeting/meeting topic, including information on how to participate in the process  
      • Meeting information will be included in the e-News 
      • The initial Planning and Zoning Commission workshop and the Public Hearing will include a mailing to property owners within 250 feet of the development
  • Public Meeting Follow-up
    • After  public meetings regarding the downtown project, staff will:
      • Provide a summary of the meeting on the “Downtown Buffalo Grove” website section within 48 hours
      • The summary will be included in the next edition of the weekly e-News
  • Feedback On the Project
    • Interested parties will be able to speak at all public hearings on the project.  The public hearings will be the main vehicle to receive public input. 
      • At workshop meetings of the Planning and Zoning Commission, a feedback form will be provided where interested parties can write their comments.  These forms will be collected, summarized, and provided to the Planning and Zoning Commission to consider when they reach the public hearing stage of the process.  

A timeline of the Planning & Zoning Commission review can be found here.

  • November 19, 2014 Workshop
    • Presentation by Staff Regarding the Process and Expectations of the PZC
    • Overview of the Project by CRM Properties
    • Comprehensive Plan Change Discussion 
      • What is the Change to the Comp. Plan?
      • Why is a Change Needed?
      •  When Should the Change be Made?
  • December 3, 2014 Workshop
    •  Follow up from Last Meeting
    •  Land Use Discussion
    • Density Discussion
    • Building Heights Discussion
    • Impact to Adjacent Properties/Buffers