Telephone Scams

The Buffalo Grove Police Department continues to receive numerous reports where residents are receiving telephone calls from persons claiming they are from the IRS advising them that they owe taxes.  Please read the attached news release from the IRS explaining their procedures and what you should do if you receive one of these phone calls. Never give out your personal information to anyone over the telephone, and if someone asks for any form of payment, hang up immediately.  

IRS News Release

Telephone Scam Information Video

What is a spoofed call?
A spoofed call is a phone call which appears to be from a legitimate individual or business, but is not. By utilizing an online “spoofing” service, a person can fool another into believing the call may be from a doctor’s office, law enforcement agency, or other entity. Oftentimes the spoofed calls cause great alarm to the call recipient; the caller may state someone has been in a bad car crash, or even arrested, and may request money be sent to them.

What to do if you believe you are receiving a spoofed call?
Do not give any of your personal information, such as your credit card numbers, address, social security number, etc. Try to gather as much information from the caller as possible, so you can use that information to confirm whether it is a legitimate phone call, or a fake one. Verify the call by calling your loved one, the hospital or police station, or wherever else the caller claims to be from, at a phone number you know to be correct.