Save the Monarchs

A letter from the Save the Monarch Group in Buffalo Grove

Help Save the Monarch Butterfly!                                        

Do you love butterflies? I bet if you recognize only one butterfly, it would be the Monarch!

Milkweed plants are necessary for the Monarch to survive. This is the only plant (it is NOT a weed) that the Monarch lays its eggs on and uses to develop into the highly beautiful and recognizable butterfly. Once hatched, the Monarch needs nectar flowers to survive. Due to the destruction of their natural habitat from urban development, herbicide use and climate change the Monarch population has declined 90 percent in the last 20 years. They are in peril and the national movement to help Save the Monarch has now come to Buffalo Grove.

We have started a volunteer group to do our part to help reverse this trend. Thru the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) our Village has signed on to the Mayor’s Monarch Pledge Program.  Buffalo Grove is now one of approximately 350 communities in the U.S. to be certified a Pledge community. This requires us to complete at least 3 of the 24 Action items on the NWF Pledge list. See the complete list on the NWF website, Mayor’s Monarch Pledge.  

Currently 4 of the Action Items have been completed along with another 5 scheduled to be worked on during the 2018 season.  Our all volunteer group has passed out Milkweed seeds at the Farmer’s Market, spoken to a Girl Scout troop, and participated in cleaning invasive plants from area prairies, all in our first season together (8 months). We are currently involved with collecting and cleaning more milkweed seed pods, planning for the spring and summer season (looking for schools and groups where we can make presentations  about the Monarch and other pollinating insects ), and planting of natural prairie plants and nectar flowers at homes and businesses in the community.

As we are all volunteers, some of this has been accomplished with the professional help of the BG park district and public works departments. Jeff Weiss and the Environmental Action Team (EAT) in Buffalo Grove provide the sites we work at to clean out invasive vegetation and reseed with non-invasive plants.

Join our group and help plan for the spring and summer events. Bring your ideas and knowledge. Email to and be added to our message list.
If you just want seeds, we will be happy to provide you with FREE milkweed seeds if you send a request to the same email address. We will make arrangements to get you the seeds. NOW is the best time to plant and have them germinate during the winter cold.
The Monarch is the official Illinois state insect, and Milkweed has been recently named the official state wildflower. Come work with us and enjoy the beauty of this butterfly combined with the milkweed and colorful nectar flowers it needs to survive.

Thank you,                                                                            
Bruce Glickson
Save the Monarch Group in Buffalo Grove