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The Police Blotter is not intended as a complete list of all calls the police department responded to. Any incident under investigation is not published while the investigation is underway. No juvenile reports are ever published. Domestics and personal matters are not published if public safety is not threatened.

The following incidents, crimes and arrests are from official police reports. Readers are reminded that these reports are the result of on view situations or as related to the officer by a complainant.
Guilt of any party is the sole jurisdiction of the courts.


Suspicious Phone Call
Occurred at 11:00 on 07/23
100 block of McHenry
Complainant advised that he received a telephone call from an unknown subject advising that the complainant’s ComEd bill was over due and that he would need to pay within thirty minutes or his power would be shut off. The complainant contacted ComEd and discovered the previous phone call to be a scam.

Occurred at 19:00 on 07/23
0-100 block of Old Oak
Complainant advised of a subject being disruptive during a condominium owner’s board meeting. Subject was advised to remain calm during the meeting.

Criminal Damage to Property
Occurred at 22:55 on 07/23
300 block of Butternut
Complainant advised that unknown subject(s) threw a rock at his front door. The rock broke the glass and damaged the door. No other damage was located in the area.

Unsecured Door
Occurred at 02:16 on 07/24
1100 Block of Weiland
While checking buildings an Officer located an unsecured door. Everything appeared to be in order. The building was secured and an official was contacted.

Reported on 07/24
200 block of Milwaukee
Complainant advised that her credit card account was used to make purchases by an unknown subject(s). She advised that she still had her credit card in her possession, but that her account was used to make the purchases. One of the purchases was in Buffalo Grove.

Suspicious Phone Call
Occurred at 15:30 on 07/24
2800 block of Orchard
Complainant advised that she received a telephone call from a subject that identified himself a Chicago Police Department Investigator. The subject was asking information about possible stolen mail from the complainant. The complainant believed this to be a scam. We checked with Chicago Police and they had no record of anyone contacting the complainant.

Criminal Damage to Property
Occurred between 07/17 – 07/24
1700 block of Lieder
Complainant advised that unknown subject(s) damaged the windshield of his vehicle while it was parked in the parking lot. No other vehicles appeared to have any damage.
Occurred at 17:20 on 07/24
100 block of McHenry
Complainant advised that four subjects dined in the restaurant and left without paying. We located one of the subjects. The subject said that he thought one of the others was paying the bill. He was brought back to the restaurant and paid the bill.

Several unsecured doors were located while checking buildings. Everything appeared to be in order. The buildings were secured and officials were contacted.

Criminal Trespass to Vehicle
Occurred at 07:15 on 07/25
50 W Lake Cook
Complainant advised that he observed a subject enter the complainant’s parked car. He confronted the subject and the subject left. We located the subject and arrested him.

Occurred between 07/25 – 07/26
2200 block of Avalon
Complainant advised that unknown subject(s) took a Michigan State flag that was attached to the front of his garage.

Criminal Damage to Property
Located at 10:47 on 07/26
Avalon and Avalon Ct S
Officer located a bent street sign pole. A repair work order was submitted.

Occurred between 13:00 -13:45 on 07/26
700 S Buffalo Grove
Complainant advised that they placed an exercise bike on the grass near Buffalo Grove Rd, for advertisement. Unknown subject(s) took the bike.

Criminal Damage to Property
Occurred between 07/26 – 07/27
600 Farrington
Complainant advised that unknown subject(s) sprayed paint on the dumpster and a speed limit sign.
The park district was contacted. 


SANCHEZ, Jose L (19)
Resides in the 2400 block of Crystal in Arlington Heights
Occurred at 13:37 on 07/25 at 133 N Arlington Heights

ALVAREZ, Edgar NMI (19)
Resides in the 4200 block of Bonhill in Arlington Heights
Occurred at 17:20 on 07/24 at 133 N Arlington Heights

PODLASEK, Kristina A (23)
Resides in the 300 block of Chateau
DUI, Speeding and No Insurance
Occurred at 02:42 on 07/24 at McHenry and Buffalo Grove

GRECO, Jefforey J (42)
Resides in the 1600 block of Warwick in Wheeling
Criminal Trespass to Vehicle
Occurred at 07:15 on 07/25 at 50 W Lake Cook 


Every year around this time the area seems to be infiltrated with home improvement and landscape contractors. There are many legitimate companies out there, but there are always companies or individuals who are just trying to take advantage of people.

The Buffalo Grove Police Department is warning residents to be on guard against “ruse” burglaries and other suspicious situations which may make your car or home an easy target. A Ruse Burglary is a crime in which someone distracts the homeowner while a second person enters the home and looks for things to steal. Ruse burglaries are a favorite method of operation for residential burglars and often target senior citizens.

Avoiding Ruse Burglaries
• Never let a door-to-door sales or repair person inspect any part of your property. Ask for identification and phone their office to verify who they are.
• Don’t walk outside your home to have a solicitor “point out” repairs on you house. This is when an accomplice will enter your home to steal.
• Never let persons inside your home – even with you present.
• Ruse burglars will often claim that they are already doing work for a neighbor and will give you a good deal.
• Often scammers will do their homework and will know your name or your neighbor’s names to try to get you to convince you that they are legitimate.
• Don’t fall for fake referrals.

Please remember that solicitors are required to have a permit issued by the Village of Buffalo Grove. Do not open your door and allow anyone into
your home that you did not call or invite. Always verify who they are or call 911, so that an Officer can respond and check on the individual.

There has also been a recent flood of phone scams in our area and throughout the country. A common one that occurs around tax season is a subject will call and claim to be with the IRS. They will advise that there was an error in your taxes, and you need to get a prepaid credit card immediately to avoid penalties or jail. Another popular phone scam is when an unknown caller tells you that you won a prize but you just have to pay for the taxes prior to receiving the prize. In addition, be weary if you receive a telephone call from someone claiming to be a family member asking for money to be sent to them. Most often they will say that they are having car problems or are in jail. The caller will typically instruct you to purchase prepaid credit cards, and call them back with the prepaid cards access code. No one from any legitimate agency would ever ask you to purchase and pay with prepaid credit card’s. If you are ever requested to pay with one, the red flags should pop up and you should disconnect immediately. Once the cards information is given to a scammer there is NO getting the money back or canceling the card, the money is gone.

The best rule of thumb:

If you did not initiate the contact, don’t give them any information over the phone, online or let them into your home.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the Crime Prevention Unit at the Buffalo Grove Police Department 847-459-2560.

SCAM ALERT - We have had several reports of residents receiving phone calls from people claiming to be with the IRS, and if they don't pay fines and fees they will be arrested. This is a SCAM! Please help us get the word out by talking to your neighbors, friends and families. Never give any personal information out to anyone you did not initiate contact with. Please contact the Buffalo Grove Police Department with any questions you may have and always call 911 to report suspicious activity at the time you see it.