Do you have CPR classes?

The first Thursday of every month is certification for Heartsaver CPR with AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). It is a two-year certification and the cost is $50.

BLS for HCP is offered the second and third Thursday of the month and is designed for the Healthcare Provider in a workplace setting. It covers basic CPR plus 2 person CPR, use of the AED, use of a Bag-Valve mask, and barrier precautions. Adult, Child & Infant resuscitation are covered and all classes are taught to current American Heart Association Standards. Class requires a written test and skills practical. Remediation, if needed, will occur immediately after the class. Cost is $50 for a 2 year certification.

Classes can be arranged off-site. Contact 847-537-0995 and ask to speak to the CPR Coordinator.

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1. Do you have CPR classes?
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