When should I dial 9-1-1?
In Buffalo Grove, we dial 9-1-1 whenever we need a police, fire, or ambulance dispatched to our location for any reason on both landlines and cellular/PCS. When the nature of your call requires an emergency medical response, you will be serviced by an emergency medical dispatcher (EMD).

When you dial 9-1-1 to report a medical emergency or accident, the EMD dispatcher will ask you:
• Your location
• Your phone number
• What is the problem?
• How old is the person(s) involved? (approximate age will do)
• Is the person conscious?
• Is the person breathing?

When there are trained medical personnel with the patient at your location, the dispatcher will ask you to call back 9-1-1 if the patient's condition changes. This is important information for the responding paramedics. When there are no trained medical personnel on the scene, the dispatcher will ask the caller a short series of questions. This allows the dispatcher to ascertain what the specific nature of the problem is and to provide appropriate and medically approved intervention until the paramedics arrive.

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1. When should I dial 9-1-1?
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