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Help! There is a problem with a parkway tree.

If there is an immediate concern with storm damage such as a broken or hanging tree branch, or other immediate concern please contact us via email or phone.  After hours, the non-emergency police number is 847-459-2560. If the need is not immediate, submit an online request here.
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The Forestry section creates and maintains high-quality native, diverse ecosystems that will benefit animal life, storm water management, erosion control and overall increase carbon sequestration in the soil. Natural sites generally cost less to maintain compared to turf grasses and planting beds, adds visual interest to areas as well as ecological and functional benefits. Explore these areas below.

This year there are 4,094 trees for contract trimming. Moving forward a five-year or less cycle will occur. 
tree trimming 2022

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Tom Milas

Forestry Manager
Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.