Permits and Inspections

New Permit Fees are now in effect!
  • BG now has a simple, clear, and transparent permit fee structure which mostly includes a flat fee for the same day and express permits.
  • Some of the larger permit projects will have a combination of a flat fee and/or using calculations based on the valuation of the project.
  • It must be noted that these new permit fees are fee-neutral.
Online Permits are now available! 
  • BG is rolling out a new software that allows you to apply for a permit and track it.
  • During this initial phase of implementation, we are only accepting same-day permits through our online portal
    • Same-day permits include: air conditioner, furnace, radon mitigation, roof, sewer repair, water heater and window replacement.
    • Users (contractors, homeowners etc) must register for a BS&A online account in order to apply for permits and request inspections. Once you are registered, you can apply for and access multiple permits under that one account. Click here to create an account!
  • At this time, all other permits are serviced via our traditional methods. See below.
  • In the coming months, we will be expanding the online program to serve all permits.
Looking for a specific handout or application? The Building and Zoning Resources Page provides a list of forms, applications, and project guidelines.

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