Tree Trimming

In between snow and ice control activities in the winter months, the Forestry Section performs the bulk of the tree trimming for the year.
Forestry Crew

For the remainder of 2018 and into 2019, crews will be trimming the following areas:

Cook County

  • Belaire Dr. and Belaire Ct.
  • Beechwood Rd. between Arlington Heights Rd. and Weidner Rd.

Lake County

  • Mirielle Subdivision
    • Avalon Dr.
    • Miramar Ln.
  • Suffield Place Subdivision
    • Lamont Terr.
    • Larraway Dr.
    • Lockwood Dr.
  • Highland Grove Area
    • Bentley Pl.
    • Cherbourg
    • Woodstone Subdivision
    • Lexington Hills
    • Highland Point
    • Winchester Estates
    • Amberley Subdivsion
    • Highland Grove Subdivision

Who's Listening?

Tom Milas

Tom Milas

Forestry Section Manager
51 Raupp BlvdBuffalo Grove, IL 60089
Ph: 847-459-2545
Hours: 7:00 am - 3:30 pm Monday - Friday