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Help! There's sewage coming into my house.

We would like to respond first, so that we can help investigate whether the problem is in the Village's main line, or a service line issue. Please contact us at (847) 459-2545 during regular business hours, or at the Police non-emergency number at (847) 459-2560 nights and weekends. If the concern is not immediate, please submit an online request here.
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Your home connects to the Village sanitary sewer system via a pipe called a service line.  The homeowner owns and maintains the service line up to and including the point of connection with the Village system. If you ever have a problem with a sewer backup, please contact us before you contact a plumber.  We are happy to help diagnose the problem, even nights and weekends.  

Once the Village system collects the sewage, it flows to either Lake County Public Works (Lake County) or the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (Cook County) for treatment. 
Sanitary Service Ownership:Private Sewer in City ROW

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