Stormwater Utility Fee

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Buffalo Grove utilizes a Stormwater Utility Fee in order to cover the cost of owning, maintaining, and improving the Stormwater Management System.  The system is composed of storm sewers, creeks, waterways, and detention areas.  

This utility fee is designed to:

  • Fund the stormwater system as a utility. Properties are charged based on their portion of use to fund improvements and operating expenses. 
  • Encourage onsite stormwater management and reduction of stormwater runoff. 
  • Increase overall awareness about the Village’s Stormwater Management System. 

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How are the fees determined?
Does everyone pay the same rate?
What is considered an impervious surface?
Is the Village offering a stormwater credit program?
How is the Stormwater Utility Fee different from a tax?
Is the Stormwater Utility Fee billed to tax-exempt entities?
What does the Village use as the rate base for the stormwater fee?

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