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Buffalo Grove is dedicated to protecting the public water supply from contamination by toxic substances.


If you have recently purchased a home, you may notice a device like the photo below mounted on the side of your house. This is the backflow device for your irrigation system. This device is important because it protects the public water supply from contamination. This device requires yearly testing by a cross connection control inspector.


This is an example of an RPZ type backflow device, mounted on the side of a single family home.  The device itself is highlighted in red.

Help! I received a letter from a company called "BSI".

We are happy to discuss homeowner responsibilities related to backflow devices in irrigation and fire safety systems that are connected to the public water supply. Click here to submit a request.
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Buffalo Grove has contracted with Backflow Solutions, Inc. (BSI) to manage the backflow inspection program. BSI has experience managing similar programs for municipalities across the Chicagoland area. BSI serves as the primary contact for backflow inspections within the Village.

Water Customer Contact Information:

Testing Company/Tester Contact Information:

If you receive a letter from BSI, it is being sent on behalf of Buffalo Grove. Please do not discard it.

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