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Please call Public Works at 847-459-2545 from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you have an after hours question, please feel free to call the non-emergency Police number 847-459-2560 and they will put you in contact with a member of Public Works. If your question is not immediate, you can also submit it online using the button to the right.
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A boil order is most commonly issued when Public Works crews need to shut down a segment of water main due to an emergency water main break or other maintenance activity.  Illinois rules and regulations call for the immediate issuance of a boil order for any emergency which results in water pressures falling below 20 pounds per square inch.  The boil order in this case is precautionary and does not mean that the water has tested positive for microbiological contamination.  It is simply a precautionary measure until proper testing can be completed.  Notification is made by Public Works to those consumers affected.

During the day, Public Works staff will go door-to-door to issue boil order notification.  If a customer is not home, a RED door tag will be left on the front door.  An additional tag will be left near the garage or other conspicuous location in case a home owner does not normally enter through their front door.

Sometimes, a boil issue needs to be issued overnight.  The Village does not have the ability to target specific addresses via phone or email contact. In the precautionary scenario above, Public Works will not ring door bells in the late evening or overnight hours, but will simply hang door tags for the residents to see in the morning.  If the water is ever confirmed to be contaminated, much more notification will take place including news and media outlets, reverse-911 calls, and other methods.  But for a precautionary boil order with no confirmed contamination, only the door tags will be hung overnight.

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