Getting Water to your Home

Our water comes from Lake Michigan.  Buffalo Grove purchases the water from the Northwest Water Commission. The water goes to our four pumping stations and reservoirs throughout the Village. Finally the water reaches customers via 181 miles of underground water main.

Buffalo Grove owns and maintains the water mains that distribute water to your home. Buffalo Grove also owns the meter that reads the water usage. In any instance where these fail, the Water Section will make the necessary repairs.

At the water main, there is a tap for the resident’s private service line. A device called a corporation stop (corp) connects the copper service line to the buffalo box (bbox). The copper service line then travels from the bbox to the water meter located in the house. The service line then connects to internal plumbing. 

It is the homeowner’s responsibility for maintenance and repairs to the service line. This includes the connection to the water main, the bbox, and any leaks. Buffalo Grove will make repairs to any faulty water meters.  The Water Section has the ability to detect the location of a leak.  This could help determine if the leak is on the Village water main or private service.

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