2022 Forest and Glendale Improvement Project

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IMG_3143 WebsiteThe 2022 Forest and Glendale Improvement Project will provide a variety of improvements including pavement, replacement, water main improvements, storm sewer improvements and spot repairs, sanitary sewer line improvements and spot repairs, pavement patching, sidewalk replacement, and parkway restoration. 

This project includes a total distance of 2.2 miles on Forest Place, Glendale Road, St. Mary's Parkway, Navajo Trail, Crestview Terrace, Brucewood Drive. Frances Court, Bernard Drive, and Buffalo Grove Road.    

  • Water Main Improvements
  • Pavement Removal and Replacement or Patching
  • Storm Sewer Improvements
  • Curb Improvements
  • Sidewalk Improvements
PLEASE NOTE: The sanitary sewer lining will follow as a separate project.

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As part of this project, water main and appurtenances will be removed and replaced on Bernard Drive. There is a multi-year roadway improvement plan on Bernard Drive with a possible commencement in 2023, funding permitted. 

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