Current Planning & Zoning Commission Requests

The Planning and Zoning Commission (PZC)  reviews and considers proposals related to annexations, development, subdivisions, and variations of the Village Code.

The February 5, 2020 PZC Meeting Agenda items are as follows:

  1. Metro Storage - 847 Deerfield Pkwy - Text amendment for Special Use in the Industrial District, and approval of Special Use. 

  2. Fire Station 27 - 100 Half Day Road - Height variation for a Public Safety Communication Antenna to exceed the maximum permissible height.
  3. Fire Station 26 -  1051 Highland Grove Drive & 109 Deerfield Parkway - Special use in the Residential District, and height variation for a Public Safety Communication Antenna.

Who's Listening?

Rati Akash

Rati Akash

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