Bernard Drive Street Improvements

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Project overview
This is one complex project! Did you know Bernard Drive is one of the oldest streets in BG? The infrastructure on Bernard is at the end of its life - it’s 50-70 years old depending on the east/west location. In BG, we like to replace infrastructure before there are failures. And for a project like this, the biggest failure we want to avoid is with the underground water main. Over the past few years, we’ve completed a study on the project area (Buffalo Grove Road to Arlington Heights Road) which included engineering work for both environmental considerations and infrastructure assets. The water main was replaced in the eastern section, and then pavement patching was completed throughout the area to extend the life of the driving surface until complete reconstruction could occur. 

Now, we're ready for what's next. Given the extensive length of Bernard Drive-7500 feet or 1.4 miles-the project has been broken up into three sections (East, Central and West) and several phases. Work is expected to begin in the Bernard East section in early 2024.

Bernard Drive construction map

Types of improvements
Infrastructure improvements will leave Bernard Drive looking quite a bit different. That’s because the reconstructed road will bring its design up to par with modern engineering standards. In addition to water main work that’s been completed, sidewalk will be replaced along the north side and the street will be reconstructed with the following other improvements:
Curb changes. (new style and higher) lane changes-02 Water and sewer (as needed) Street parking changes Multi-use path addition

Project timeline
Bernard Drive project timeline
Project funding

Funding strategies for each project seek to maximize grant opportunities, keep the Village’s tax levy flat and limit water and sewer fee increases. Funding availability can impact the timeline of a project, so all dates listed are tentative. Funding sources can also impact the types of improvements that are completed. For example, since Bernard Drive is receiving grant funds from the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT), certain improvements are required such as modifications to lanes, parking and curb along with the addition of a multi-use path. The Bernard West project's schedule is not yet confirmed, as it's start is contingent on the availability and receipt of outside grant funding. 

Background information

Why is all this construction needed?
Why is this project taking so long?
Will this project impact Arlington Heights Road or Buffalo Grove Road?
What's happened to date in the project area?
What are the different project phases and timelines?

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How will the new roadway sections compare to the existing?
What are the patches currently on Bernard?
Will I lose access to my driveway?
Will I still be able to park on the street?
Who to contact with questions?
Who are the contractors on this project?

Parkway tree information

Will my parkway tree be removed?
Why do some parkway trees need to be removed?
If my parkway tree is removed and can't be replaced, what option do I have?

Scott Yandell

Resident Engineer for the Bernard Drive Reconstruction Project
Hours: Weekdays 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.