White Pine Utility and Street Improvements

Project overviewWhite Pine utility and street project map

This project includes underground utility work followed by street reconstruction: Utility work includes water main and water service line replacement, minor storm sewer improvements and sanitary sewer spot repairs. After all the underground work is complete, asphalt pavement will be removed and replaced at various locations. Finally, ADA accessible route improvements, landscape restoration and other associated improvements will be completed as part of the work.

Construction work can be noisy, dusty and inconvenient, but we hope you find the end result worth the temporary disturbances. The Village, its engineering consultant and construction contractors are working together to minimize disruptions and keep residents informed of any direct impacts, like loss of water service, driveway access or the like.

Stay informed
Sign up for weekly updates on this project via email newsletter here. The project’s e-newsletter will be the only continual source of updated information on the project’s status and neighborhood impacts. Residents will only receive written notification if they will lose temporary access to their driveway or water service. Signage may also be posted at times directing where it is not safe to park. Please note there may be periods of time where access to driveways is restricted and street parking is required.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why is all this construction needed?
What are the different project phases?
What's the project timeline?
What are construction working hours?
Who is working on these streets?
Will my water service be impacted?
Will I have access to my driveway?
Will the bus or my special delivery be impacted?
Will waste collection, mail and/or public safety services be impacted?
What happens if I have specialty items in my parkway?
What happens if I have a brick paver driveway apron?
Will storm sewers drain during construction?
What are these stakes and flags?
I haven't seen activity on my street recently, what's going on?
Who do I contact with questions?
Should I contact the Village?
Why did I receive a lead notice?

Nico Cascella

Resident Engineer for the White Pine Utility and Street Improvements Project
Hours: Weekdays 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.