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The Village is embarking on a journey to envision the future of Buffalo Grove with three major initiatives - the strategic plan, comprehensive plan and community branding. Join us as we uncover who we are, where we're going and how we'll arrive. 
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2024 - 2028

The strategic plan is an aspirational document that outlines an overall vision for the community, focusing on all areas of community governance. The Strategic Plan will guide the Village Board and staff in prioritizing policies, actions and initiatives over the next five years with long-term goals in mind. 

Following in-depth discussions with the Village Board, staff and citizens,  critical issues and opportunities facing the community will be identified, and an action agenda for 2023 will be created. The Strategic Plan document will then be created to define the vision, mission, goals of the 5-year plan for the Village. 

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15-20 YEARS

The comprehensive plan outlines a long-term (15-20 year) vision for the community's physical environment and develops a "roadmap" to get there. A special emphasis will be placed on the future of the Dundee Road and Milwaukee Avenue Corridors.

  • Project lead: Nicole Woods, Director of Community Development

An existing conditions findings report will be developed in order to identify the community's greatest needs and areas of opportunity. Input will be gathered to create a "community vision" as an aspirational goal for the type of community Buffalo Grove wants to be. Finally, a comprehensive plan document outlining the needs and goals of the community will be developed.

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The community branding process will uncover Buffalo Grove's identity - its "DNA." The brand will unify residents and businesses around what Buffalo Grove stands for, give those who view the community from afar an expectation of what makes Buffalo Grove different and unique and bring professionalism and consistency to all Village communications. 

North Star’s process is driven by community research. Representatives will visit Buffalo Grove to learn more about the community to view and experience offerings, and they will hold interviews and focus groups with residents, community leaders and other stakeholders to get a sense of how people perceive BG and the community's defining strengths. Combined with an online public survey, this detailed research will inform strategy and define a brand positioning statement which defines our Village's identity, purpose and distinguishing features. Along with this, a brand guidelines document will be produced around creative assets, including the Village's "DNA," a logo set, colors, fonts and a style guide. In addition, several customized deliverables along with an action plan will be developed to assist with the ongoing implementation of the brand.

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Moving BG Forward Community Branding Forum and Educational Presentation 
June 14, 6 - 7:30 p.m. - Indian Trails Public Library District - Lake-Cook Room

These three separate, but complementary initiatives follow similar timelines, which are broken down into three key phases, each with different opportunities for community engagement and each with specific deliverables. 

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The success of these initiatives will be heavily reliant on the input and involvement of Buffalo Grove residents of all ages, backgrounds and demographics. If you are interested in playing a part in the future of Buffalo Grove, sign up below!