Thompson and Brandywyn Improvement Project Contract 3

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Thompson_Brandywyn Contract 3 2022 Revised (2)

The 2022 Thompson and Brandywyn Contract 3 Project will provide a variety of improvements including base and pavement removal and replacement, curb and gutter, drainage improvements, pedestrian accommodations including existing sidewalk improvements on both sides of Thompson and Brandywyn, ADA upgrades at the intersections and many other facets of work that contribute to the overall improvement of the roadway.  

Thompson Blvd (from Arlington Heights Rd. to Brandywyn Ln) 
Brandywyn Ln    (from Thompson Blvd. to Deerfield Pkwy)
Planning Bar-Construction 2021r
Thompson and Brandywyn Detour Map - Stage 1 Effective June 9th
Thompson_Brandywyn Detour Plan Map - Copy - Copy

Temporary Mailbox Locations - Stage 2 Effective August 25th
Thompson_Brandywyn Contract 3 Temp Mailboxes (1)

Temporary Mailbox Locations - Stage 2 Effective August 1st

08292022 Temp Mailboxes

Temporary Mailbox Locations - Stage 1 Effective June 6th

61H45 - Stage 1 - Temp Mailboxes

As construction moves out of certain areas, grass seed, topsoil, and a straw blanket/and or pen mulch, are applied to disturbed turf areas. Here are a few tips you can use to best establish a strong turf:

  • Keeping the soil moist is critical. Light, daily watering for at least three weeks is recommended. Do not allow this area to dry out. Frequent watering will help keep adequate surface moisture.
  • Overwatering or using high pressure can wash away seed and create bare spots.  The restored area should not be soggy.
  • The straw blanket keeps the seed, soil, and fertilizers in place and helps keep animals from reaching the seed.
  • Check often for weed seedlings and pull them early before they establish.
  • Weeds may come up and push the blanket off the ground.  Use a utility knife to cut a hole in the blanket, so it lays flat on the ground.
  • Begin mowing once grass has reached the height of 3 to 3 ½ inches.
Water Main-Resized 1000
Road Construction - Vehicles 1000
Curb Replacement 1000

Jennifer Beckman, P.E.

Senior Construction Engineer
Hours: 7:00 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
Monday - Friday