Annual Budget

The adopted 2024 budget once again provides BG residents with a 0% increase to the property tax levy. This is achieved through aggressive debt and liability management, spending controls, operational efficiency and innovation as a means to deliver the highest quality services at the best value to our community. 

The adopted budget reflects the Village's commitment to economic development, sustainable community reinvestment and forward-focused planning. The Village continues to pursue opportunities to diversify its revenue streams and reduce long-term liabilities, reducing the reliance on property taxes and improving the quality of life to our residents and businesses. 

2024 Budget Highlights

2024 Adopted Budget

Check out the Village's 2024 Adopted Budget!

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Annual Budget

2024 Budget
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The Village of Buffalo Grove embraces a fiscally-conservative and forward-looking approach to budgeting for the operations of municipal government.  The foundation for the annual budget is;

  • Delivering a balanced budget to ensure sustainability in service delivery. 
  • Funding Infrastructure and capital maintenance. 
  • Meeting long term liabilities and obligations. 

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