Food and Beverage Tax Form

Please complete the Online Food and Beverage Tax form below.  All submissions will still require tax filers to bring or mail the corresponding ST-1 form and payment to Village Hall.

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Food and Beverage Tax

Payee Name(Corporation/Company)

Payee Address

Payee City  Payee State Payee Zip 

Payee Email Address  Payee Phone 

Business Name (DBA)   Illinois Business Tax No. 

Business Address   Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Business Email Address   Business Phone 

Tax Calculation

A.  Total Sales Subject to Tax 

B.  Food and Beverage Tax (A x 1%) 

C. Early Filing Fee Deduction (B x 2%)  (Filer's recieve a 2% reduction in the tax owed the Village for filing prior to the 20th of the subsequent month.  The tax is due no later than the 30th. 

D. Past Due Penalty (B x 5%)  (All filings recieved after the 30th of the subsequent month are required to pay a late filing penalty of 5 percent of the tax owed for the period.)

E.  Total Tax due the Village 

     If filed before the 20th (B-C) 

     If filed before the 30th (B) 

     If filed after the 30th (B+D) 





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