Building and Zoning Services

Processes and Protocol during the COVID-19 Pandemic
The Community Development Department continues to provide services including building permit processing, plan review, and permit issuance as well as in-person inspections with restrictions in place. In an effort to exercise flexibility during this time and to take measures to keep Village inspectors, contractors, and residents as safe as possible, the Village has developed temporary protocols for permit application and processing and inspection scheduling.
This situation is constantly evolving and Village services and protocols are subject to change at any time.
Permit Application Process:Buffalo Grove Permit Application  Inspection ProtocolNW_Page_1JPEG

Before beginning any work, please familiarize yourself with the inspection requirements for your project! Inspection requests will be reviewed on a case by case basis.
Inspection Protocol:Buffalo Grove Permit Application  Inspection Protocol_Page_3

As always, a minimum of 48-hours' notice is required for all inspections.

Please contact the Community Development Department at 847-459-2530 (leave a message) or email for more information or to schedule an inspection.Permits and Inspections During COVID-19
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Forms and Applications

Building Permits

Building Permit Application
document seq 1.00
Permit Amendment Form
document seq 2.00
Homeowner's Affidavit
document seq 3.00
Fence Affidavit
document seq 4.00
Sewer Repair Diagram
document seq 5.00
Smoke & CO2 Detector Upgrade Notice
document seq 6.00
Water and Sewer Service Permit Application
document seq 7.00

Contractor Registration

Contractor Registration Application (2021)
document seq 1.00
Contractor Registration Requirements
document seq 2.00

Project Guidelines

List of Current Building Codes
document seq 1.00
Air Conditioners
document seq 2.00
Driveways & Aprons
document seq 3.00
document seq 4.00
document seq 5.00
Patios & Sidewalks
document seq 6.00
Roof Replacement (Residential)
document seq 7.00
Solar Panels (Residential)
document seq 8.00
Swimming Pools, Spas, & Hot Tubs (Residential)
document seq 9.00
Utility Disconnection
document seq 10.00
Water Heaters
document seq 11.00
Windows & Glass Doors
document seq 12.00

New Businesses

Zoning and Use Form
document seq 1.00
Business License Application
document seq 2.00
Home Occupation Handout
document seq 3.00

Residential Rental Licensing

Residential Rental License Application (2021)
document seq 1.00
Rental Property Checklist
document seq 2.00
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