Police Divisions

The Buffalo Grove Police Department is organized into two divisions: Administration Division and Operations Division. From there, several sections and units are formed to help meet the needs of the community of Buffalo Grove as well as the police department.

Contact information for the Chief of Police, Deputy Chief of Administration and Deputy Chief of Operations are listed under Administration.
ADMINISTRATION DIVISIONDeputy Chief Brian Spolar oversees the Administrative side of the police department. The units below offer a multitude of different services to the residents and community members of Buffalo Grove. From department tours, to providing mental health resources, these units strive to improve relationships within the community. Click on the icons to see how each unit can be of assistance!
OPERATIONS DIVISIONThe Operations Division is overseen by Deputy Chief Michael Rodriguez. Patrol is the largest section in the department, with approximately half of all sworn officers assigned to it. When 9-1-1 is called, these are the officers responding, whether the call be a vehicle crash, or lost dog. The investigators not only investigate crime, but perform search warrants, tactical operations and more. Please click on the icons below to see how each section can be of assistance!

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