Buffalo Grove Village President to appoint new trustee following resignation

Village Trustee Gregory Pike has officially resigned from his position, effective Tuesday, September 19, 2023, due to his relocation out of Buffalo Grove. Village President Eric Smith will fill this vacancy with a dedicated and community-focused individual to serve as the new Village Trustee.

 Gregory Pike, who has served as Village Trustee since 2019, contributed significantly to Buffalo Grove’s growth and development, and his presence on the Village Board will be missed.

 “Greg offered a unique perspective on the Board, and his knowledge and experience was especially valuable when it came to financial matters and policies,” said President Smith. “I am grateful for his service to Buffalo Grove and wish Greg and his family the best in their new community.”

In accordance with municipal procedures, President Eric Smith will seek Village Board approval to appoint Denice Bocek to fill the vacant trustee position during a Special Village Board meeting on October 2. Bocek would then assume her duties as a Village Trustee following her oath of office.

“Denice brings a wealth of knowledge, a commitment to public service and a passion for Buffalo Grove to the Village Board,” said President Smith.

Bocek is a 27-year resident of Buffalo Grove who served on the Village’s Plan Commission for 12 years, including the positions of secretary and vice chairman. In addition, Bocek served on the Sign Code and Appearance Review Team committees.

Following her service on the Plan Commission, Denice has remained actively involved in the community. She championed the pet store ordinance in Buffalo Grove, participated in the review and update of the animal ordinance as well as the Lake-Cook Corridor Plan development and the recent strategic planning community engagement sessions.

Denice also brings over 30 years of experience in commercial real estate construction and development, which President Smith finds particularly valuable as the Village facilitates several redevelopments along its corridors.

"I am confident that Denice will continue the legacy of community service and dedication to Buffalo Grove that Greg has exemplified during his time on the Board," stated President Smith. "We are fortunate to have Denice Bocek stepping up to serve our village, and I look forward to working closely with her to address the issues and opportunities facing our community."