Empowering preparedness: Federal funds secured for Buffalo Grove Emergency Operation Center enhancements

The Village of Buffalo Grove is pleased to announce the allocation of $171,400 in federal funds towards upgrading equipment in its Emergency Operations Center (EOC), thanks to the advocacy efforts of US Representative Brad Schneider (IL-10).1650 Leider Ln - Copy

Rep. Brad Schneider played a pivotal role in securing funding through the passage of H. Res. 1102 – The Further Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2024, which funded critical community projects across Illinois’ 10th Congressional District. This initiative, part of the Community Project Funding (CPF) program, aims to enhance public safety and emergency response capabilities within Buffalo Grove.

"My top priority is keeping Illinoisans safe. These appropriations bills will bring critical public safety investments directly to our community,” said Schneider. “I am proud to have secured this funding of $171k to upgrade Buffalo Grove's emergency operations center with communication technologies that will enable first responders to more swiftly react to emergencies."

The funding will facilitate the purchase of new communications equipment, enabling first responders to better coordinate and respond to emergencies. This upgrade aligns with the village’s commitment to enhancing public safety and ensuring the well-being of residents and businesses.

 "The upgraded equipment will allow the village to mitigate threats, save lives and increase peace of mind for our community," stated Village President Eric Smith. “I extend my deepest gratitude to Representative Schneider for his role in securing this funding for such a critical initiative that supports our shared commitment to safety and well-being.”

 The decision to upgrade the EOC comes as part of the village's broader efforts to enhance its emergency response capabilities. The current EOC, housed in Village Hall since the 1980s, has limitations in expanding communications, IT and other technology-based enhancements necessary for efficient operations.

The village is relocating its Public Works Department to a larger facility, providing an opportunity to build a better designed and equipped EOC. Recent supply chain disruptions and inflationary pressures have posed challenges to ensuring proper equipment inclusion in the new facility.

The upgraded EOC will serve as a vital resource for both local and regional incident response, contributing to the overall safety and security of the community.